The Best Ways to Spend Holiday 度假的最好方式

英语作文 2020-01-02 17:39200未知admin

Every time when the public holiday comes, a lot of people have planned to travel somewhere and enjoy the leisure time. This year, as the mid-autumn festival and National Day come together, so there will be a long holiday. While for me, I am not going travel anywhere, because I don't want to join the crowd, instead, I just want to stay in my house and enjoy the family hour. I am so happy that my grandparents will come to stay a few days with us. My parents decide to have the family barbecue and ask more relatives to come. It is such a great reunion, and nothing can compare this moment. What's more, we will drive to our hometown, which is near to the city. There will be less people and we can appreciate the beauty of nature.

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