Reading a Novel or Watching a Movie, which do You Prefer to?

英语作文 2020-01-10 20:5688未知admin

Reading novels used to be a mainstreamenjoyment in the past. However people got more interests in watching moviesthan reading novels after the movie came into our life. Then people diverge inthe question: which is the better enjoyment? For me, reading stories is morejoyful and I will give my reasons in the following.


Firstly, I can get more information aboutthe story and the characters in the novels. But a movie needs to display thestory in the limited period of time, usually about two hours. Therefore thedirector have to adopt the important part of the story and abandon the restparts, but these trivial plots draw more interests from the readers.


The second reason is that I can get moreenjoyment from reading novels, especially the procedure of turning the plotsinto varied images in my brain. That is a real fantastic experience. Althoughby watching the movies I can get the concrete pictures and amazing sounds, itis different from my ideas and it makes me a little disappointed. Because themovies shows the directors' thoughts and versions about the novels, which donot satisfied me in the whole. Besides, some directors may do some changes andeven destroy the real stories, I think.


To sum up, I prefer to reading a novel towatching a movie because I can get more joy, more interested plots, and morefantasy experience from reading novels than watching movies.


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