Magical Music 神奇的音乐

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I have to say that music really has a strong attractiveness to me. Naturally, everyone can choose suitable music to listen to. However, when you find a kind of music which can bring happiness to you, you will be surprised and become excited. Music has a magical energy, and it can help people gain good mood in a great extent.
When you feel sad, you can have a try to listen to soothing music. At first, soothing music will let you calm down. You will find that you will play much attention to the music, and then your sadness can be decreased. You will enter music ocean. You can experience a baptism of your heart. It does not matter that when you listen to soothing music and you want to cry, you should just follow yourself feeling to have a thorough release. Music will give you enough encourage to overcome difficulties.
Music also can double your happiness and arouse the fighting. For instance, when you solve some very difficult situations and gain success eventually, you will have a great mood. At this time, exciting music will witness your success. You will feel satisfied. Music lets you remember the glorious moment and cherish your success. Music can give you unlimited motivation to achieve goals,because you still want to listen to glorious music.
In addition, music includes a lot of useful knowledge. People can learn precious knowledge from music. Because there is different music, we can find out that different nations have different music thoughts to express. And from music, we can listen to music culture. Music culture will give you a deeper understanding to learn foreign culture, such as foreign language, foreign history and foreign traditional customs and so on. In a word, music has an important effect on promoting society development.
Music indeed has a magical power to help people and society develop. I believe that music will still continue to bring us many surprises. As the development of society, great music will become more important.

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