Two Poems 诗歌两则

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Hard Work & Happiness 努力与幸福
Wherever we are, we must believe ourselves, work hard and never give up. Nothing is impossible to a willing heart.
Look, victory is waving her hand to us. Victory is just over the next hill. A little more time and struggle will take us there. As soon as we tramp over the mountains, we will see the beautiful sea. As long as we climb over the fence, we can taste the sweetest strawberries. As we overcome the prickly needles, we will pick up a rose.
Please remember these words, my dear friends. I eagerly hope you will make your way to success and enjoy your happy future. I'll trust you forever!!!
Smile to Everything.
Everyone has his blue days, so don't take it seriously. Please cheer up. Since everything happens for the best.
Just as saying goes. Behind gloomy cloud is sunshine, behind heavy storm are rainbows, behind winter is spring, behind bitterness is smile, behind misfortune is good luck, and behind our hard work is victory.
Believe yourself and follow your dream, but don't float yourself in an ocean of sadness. I'm always on your side.

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