The Increasing of Working Stress 工作压力的增长

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Our society is in the trends of changing. As the changing increases, people’s working stress also increases. And it grows with each passing day. Many people have put lots of opinions on this problem. In my view, this tendency is inevitable and people can do is to accept it.
First of all, the population in the world is growing day by day, but the resource is less and less. Some places are lack of resource, which is a common phenomenon. So, to alive, people have to work hard to get enough resource for themselves. In addition, as people pay a lot of attention on education, nowadays most of them are well-educated with great knowledge. Of course, their competition is more and more fierce. Last, with the development of technology, the industry has greatly improved our working efficiency. The machine can work without rest, but people can’t. All these changes place lots of burden on people’s shoulder. Thus, it is natural that their working stress increase.
Although working stress increase, people have faced it in a proper way. This is the main trends of the world; people can’t change it by personal power. They can’t change it, but they can find a good way to accept it. As their working stress is increasing day by day, they can find other ways to relax themselves, such as, exercise, dance, travel, reading, sleep and so on. If people can adjust their situation well, they still can enjoy a happy life.
Let’s work together for our happy life.

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