My Plans 我的计划

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As the winter holiday is coming soon, I feel very excited and start to make some plans. First of all, I will go back to my hometown and spend some time with my grandparents. They miss me all the time and I miss my grandma’s delicious food. Secondly, my friends and I have planned good activities during Spring Festival. We will have great fun. I love holidays very much.
寒假快到了,我非常兴奋并开始做了一些计划。首先,我会回到家乡 My Hometown'>我的家乡,花些时间和我爷爷奶奶在一起,他们老是想我,我也想念奶奶做的美味食物。其实,我和我的朋友们也计划了一些春节期间的活动,我们会玩得很开心的。我太喜欢假期了。

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