How to Solve the Problem of Heavy Traffic 如何解决交通问题

英语作文 2020-02-28 03:3889未知admin

Inmodern society, the problem of heavy traffic has aroused a wide concern.Concerning with this problem, different people hold different opinions. As faras I am concerned, to solve this problem, we need to begin with the followingsteps.


First,limiting the number of private cars is a significant step to solve the problemof heavy traffic. Private car occupies a larger space and it is responsible fortraffic jam to a large extent. Less private cars will accelerate the flow oftraffic. Second, it is also a good means to open up the special roads forbuses. By doing this, the phenomenon that the buses block the street whenpassengers get on or get off the buses will not occur again. At the same time,it will upgrade the efficiency of buses. Finally, reinforcing punish toward theover-speed cars and drunk driving so as to reduce the rate of traffic accident,and then decrease traffic jam.


Toput it in a nutshell, only we put the above advice into practice together canwe solve the problem of heavy traffic.


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