How to Choose Major 如何选择专业

英语作文 2020-02-28 04:2291未知admin

Choosing a major is very important because it concerns our college life, our career and even our future life. Therefore, we need to choose our major with discretion.
There are several factors we need to consider when choosing major. First, we need to take our interest into consideration. Since our major is relative to our future career, we had better choose a major we love. Second, our plan of career is another factor we need to consider. Before choosing a major, we had better think about what kind of career would like to do in the future. In addition, we should have knowledge of prospects of development about employment market so that we would not encounter too many difficulties in hunting job. Finally, we should take our family finance into account at the same time because some majors need more spending and time.
To sum up, we need to take various factors into consideration when choosing major. And we get some suggestion from our parents, our senior sister or brother and our teachers. Besides, we need to understand the real nature of each major instead of being confused by its surface.

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