Disadvantages for College Students to Own Computers 学生拥有电脑的坏

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Computers are affordable foralmost all people nowadays. As a result, an increasing number of collegestudents take computers to their dormitory to browse website, watch movies andplay video games and so on. This phenomenon has caused lots of public concern.Some people believe that computer does bad to students’ health for collegestudents spend more than five hours staring at computer without break every day.However, for other people, they are positive to students’ owing computersbecause students can search for the newest information. Standing on my point,I’m more tending to the first opinion. Reasons are as the following:


Firstly, computers will transferstudents’ attention. If students take computers on campus, they would spendmuch time on computer than on study. For instance, lots of my classmatesusually play computer for amusement once class is dismissed instead of going tothe library to read more books to enlarge their knowledge circle.


Secondly, students spend lots oftime on computers which hurts their health. It is quite often seen that studentsstay in dormitory for almost a whole day without any breaks playing computers.It is all known that computers have radiation which hurts eyes and skin.


To be honest,students can use computer to search for the updated information that they want.But for the reasons above, I firmly believe that students shouldn’t bringcomputers to college.


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