How to Pay for Your College Life 怎样为大学生活买单

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No matter what you want to accomplish in the period of college, you must first know exactly what you really want to achieve. Most people are not clear about what they want. As a result, they put most of their energy in thinking but not spend their time and money to take action.
What you have to do to enjoy what you want in your college life is to take action. Not just take part in several boring activities, you should devote in what you really love. If you do it like that, maybe you can get to where you want.
Once you have taken some action, no matter what the result is, you will get is success, which means that you successfully achieve what you want. Owing to during this time, you will know braver person than you and learn precious experience from them.
In college life, what’s more important is study, you need to be persistent. If you want to learn about a subject or a skill just like playing the piano, just spend 30 minutes on it every day. And after four years, you will see the different results.
Investing in yourself also is a way to study. If possible, learn directly from credible source. For example, our major is English; we can communicate with foreign teacher in English. Of course, if you make good use of this knowledge, do you think you will succeed in college? Not likely, but you will definitely increase the chances hundredfold.

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