Adapt College Life 适应大学生活

英语作文 2020-02-28 06:28102未知admin

In our real life, it is really a period of hardship for us to adapt ourselves to new school life. However, being active is of necessity and we will fall in love with the new life.
As for me, my middle school life is made up of pressure and I feel quite busy. With the intention to be admitted into a key university, I often stay up late to prepare for the college examination, which leads to my tiredness and makes me feel stressed. In the same time, apart from endless homework, I am also occupied with a number of exams and exercises. So busy am I that I have no time to relax myself.
In terms of ideal college life, it must be fabulous and provides me much freedom. What’s more, studying in a brand new environment, I have to form a habit of dealing with things by myself. With more freedom, it’s likely that I could devote myself to getting further education on the subject I like.
As all those have differences between middle school and college life, I consider it necessary to get used to the new life quickly. Thus, with the expectation of having a wonderful college life, I must make an organized and detailed plan that I can stick to. Meanwhile, it’s vital for me to participate in various activities actively, during which I am supposed to make acquaintances with new friends and have a better understanding of the outside world as well.

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