Should We Kill the “Gunners”? 我们应该扼杀 &am

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I guess everyone are familiar with the meaning of the word gunner in China, it doesn’t mean one who are with a gun anymore, but means someone who sits for an examination in place for another person. When it comes to the gunner issue, different people have different opinion, some people think that is a form of dishonesty, while others argue that it is understandable that each takes what he needs. In my point of view, I agree with the former.
In the first place, paying money to hire a gunner to pretend you to finish the exam is a very dishonesty behavior. Since you have decided to take the exam, then you have to study hard to prepare for it. And it feels very good when you pass the exam by the hard work you have done. Hence, cheating in the exam by this way is inadvisable.
In the second place, hire a gunner is violating the exam rules, people who do this should be punished, both the employer and gunner. As a person who obey laws and rules, when someone want to pay you to be a gunner, you should rejected consciously. Or if the deal comes to light, the gunner also will have a stain on their credit record.
To conclusion, people should not hire someone to be a gunner, and others should reject the chance to be a gunner. We all have the responsibility to prevent this kind of thing from happening.

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